About the Show

“HALF” tackles the absurdity of divorce with

wit, wordplay, and slapstick abandon.


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Because of your support and “HALF”‘s critical success and rave reviews during the 2013 FringeNYC run, HALF performed as an international guest artists in the 2014 RomaFringe in Rome, Italy.


HALF received special mention in Rome’s premier newspaper, the Corriere della Sera:


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Next year, HALF plans to extend its tour to the Avignon Fringe Festival in France and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.


Our 2014 International Tour was written & performed by Becca Foresman, directed by Dominique Salerno, and co-produced by Salerno and Foresman.


Critics’ response to our 2013 FringeNYC production:


“A Tour-de-Force . . . two fantastic actors and grand technicians go full-throttle through this giddy fairy tale.”

- Duncan Pflaster, Off-Off-Broadway World



“I can’t recommend this show highly enough!”

- Alyssa Simon, NYTheatre.com


A New Yorker Highlighted Show, FringeNYC 2013



A Craveable “Great Pedigree” Show to See, FringeNYC 2013






A kingdom stands divided: when the King and Queen take a hatchet to their marital union, their servants reel in the crossfire. Meanwhile, the Royal Decorator and Royal Therapist strike a double deal, salivating over the wreckage. Servants and rulers alike struggle to maintain their footing as tension skyrockets and palace life careens into an uncertain future. Becca Foresman and Adam Zivkovic portray six madcap characters (often, all six at once) in this riotous farce.


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First presented at the Red Room in 2012 under the direction of Dominique Salerno, the 2013 FringeNYC production of HALF was directed by Cara M. Tucker.

Our 2014 RomaFringe Production & International Tour will be directed by Dominique Salerno, and co-produced by Cara M. Tucker & Heather May.